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Theory Test FAQ

What is the Driving Theory Test?

The driving theory test is a test that everyone must take before they can get their full driving license in the UK. It consists of two sections: The multiple choice questions (based on the Highway Code) and the Hazard perception test. You must pass the theory test before you can take your driving test.

How to Book Your Theory Test

You must book your driving theory test through the official gov.uk website. When booking your theory test, you will need your provisional driving license number to hand.

You will not receive a letter in the post regarding your theory test booking, but rather an email that confirms the time. date and location. You will not need to bring this confirmation letter to the theory test, only your driving license.

Remember to only use the official government website to book your theory test. Other unofficial sites may charge you much more to book the test for you when you can just do it yourself in a few minutes.

How Much Does the Theory Test Cost?

The cost to book the theory test is £23, which is cheaper than the driving test which costs £62 to book.

How to Cancel your Theory Test

If you need to cancel your theory test after booking it, you can do so as long as your test is not within 2 working days. If you fail your theory test, you can retake it as many time as you need. However, some theory test centres are busy and it can take several weeks to get another test.

What Questions are on the Theory Test?

The questions on the theory test are random, however they are all based on a set of official DVSA theory test questions. That’s why the best way to prepare is to learn these questions off by heart, so you are prepared for any question that may come up.

As for the Hazard Perception, again the clips will be random and you will most likely have never seen them before, so the best way to prepare is to know what you should be looking out for.

How Many Marks Do You Need to Pass?

You must pass both sections of the theory test in order to pass overall. The pass mark for the multiple choice question section is 43/50 (86%) and for the hazard perception it is 44/75 (59%).

What is the Average Theory Test Pass Rate?

The average theory test pass rate is 48.75%. For females it is 51% and for males it’s slightly less at 47.7%.

How will PassTheory Help You to Prepare?

PassTheory contains all the preparation you need to pass your car driving theory test first time. Our revision materials cover all topics of the theory test and every official question that you need to know. This includes stopping distances, pedestrian crossings, speed limits, and so much more.

We have also produced several practice theory tests for you to try out. These mock tests mimic the multiple choice question layout that is the format of the official DVSA theory test. Each practice test will have the answers displayed at the bottom of the page for you to check if your answers are correct.

How Do I Know When i’m Ready to Take the UK Driving Theory Test?

Take our theory test practice tests. If you’re scoring at least 44/75 on them, you should be ready to take the test. This is providing that you have also taken practice hazard perception tests and can pass them with at least 59%.

Where Do I Sit My UK Car Driving Theory Test?

You will take your theory test at your local DVSA theory test centre. You can use the government’s find theory test centre tool. Remember that higher populated areas may take longer to get a theory test date.

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