What is Engine Coolant / Antifreeze?

Summary Engine coolant is a liquid, usually blue or green, used to prevent your engine from overheating. Antifreeze is a common component in engine coolant. The fluid circulates through the main cavities of the engine. It’s then passed through a… More

Speeding Fines / Penalty Points in the UK

Summary: Speeding in the UK means driving over the speed limit. Even driving at 31mph in a 30mph constitutes as speeding. If you are caught speeding, it will most likely be treated as a minor offence. You may receive a… More

Driving Without Insurance – What are the Penalties?

Summary: By law, everyone in the UK must have their vehicle insured in order to drive on public roads. If you are caught driving without insurance, you can face 6 penalty points on your license and an unlimited fine. In… More

When Are Anti – Lock Brakes (ABS) Most Effective?

An anti – lock braking system (ABS) prevents your wheels from locking up, which can cause uncontrollable skidding. They increase your control and reduce braking distances. The most effective way to use them is to brake promptly and firmly until… More

What is the National Speed Limit?

The national speed limit in the UK varies depending on what kind of road you are on. When driving a car or motorcycle: On a single carriageway, the national speed limit is 60 miles per hour (mph) On a dual… More

Which of these is the ‘Hump Bridge’ sign?

Correct! Wrong, try again. A hump bridge is a bridge that has a significant hump in the center. This means that you will have to drive over an upward and downward gradient. You should be careful when approaching bridges like… More

Which of these is the Give Way Sign?

Correct! Wrong, try again. The Give Way Sign means that you must give way to the flowing traffic. This could be at a junction or a roundabout. Next Sign Correct!

Which of these is the No Stopping Sign?

Correct! Wrong, try again. The No Stopping Sign is also known as a Clearway. It indicates that you must not park or stop in the area during the times listed. Next Sign Correct!

Which of these is the sign for a mini roundabout?

Correct! Wrong, try again. Mini roundabouts have the same rules as regular roundabouts. However, they are much smaller and are instead painted on the road. You must always indicate when exiting a mini roundabout to avoid creating a dangerous hazard… More

Driving Without MOT – What is the Penalty?

Summary: The MOT is an inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive on the public roads. The test includes checking windows for cracks, lights are working, seat belts are in tact and a load more of… More

What is the Difference Between Manual and Automatic Cars?

Summary: An automatic car will change gear by itself when needed. Therefore, they have no gear stick. In manual cars, you must change gears yourself. You should change gears when the engine before the engine sounds like it’s struggling, and… More

How Long Does the Theory Test Last?

Summary: Your theory test certificate will be valid for 2 years from the date that you pass. This means that you have 2 years to pass your driving test, otherwise you will have to take the theory again. You will… More

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