The driving test can be one of the most exciting time of a young person’s life. It can also be the most dreaded. You’ve passed your theory test, now there’s just one more step until you can drive by yourself. To help you, we’ve listed the top 5 reason that people fail their driving test so you don’t make them too.

1. Stalling

If there’s one thing learner drivers fear more than anything, it’s stalling during the test. It’s a common misconception that one stall will lead to a fail. That’s not the case. However, if you stall and start obstructing traffic or in a dangerous place, then you will most likely fail. So there is an element of luck to it. However, if you do stall multiple times during the test, this will also lead to a fail.

The best way to avoid stalling is to practice your clutch and acceleration pedal footwork. This can be particularly tricky when moving off on a downwards slope, so be sure to practice this.

2. Messing up a manoeuver

You will have to execute one maneouvre during your driving test. It will either be a parallel park on the side of the road, park in a bay, or reverse for two car lengths (this was added in December 2017). A driving instructor can help you perfect these manoeuvers and also let you know what the examinor will be looking out during your manoeuvre in the test.

3. Driving too quickly or slowly

Just because there is a certain speed limit does not mean you need to travel at this speed. You need to judge by the road conditions, weather and traffic to determine what speed you should be going. Driving too quickly can cause a hazard to other road users, whilst driving too slowly can be seen as causing an obstruction and can also lead to a fail.

Hopefully you found this list of the top reasons people fail their driving test useful. Of course, there are dozens of other reason why people fail, so be sure to get in as much practice as possible.