Passing the driving theory test is not as difficult as it seems. We’ve outlined below the steps that you should take to pass your driving theory first time.

1. Understand the format of the theory test
The theory test is laid out into two sections: the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception section. You must score at least 86% on both sections to pass.
2. Learn the Questions & Answers
There are a set amount of questions on the theory test. So, the best way to prepare is to learn these theory test questions and answers as much as you can. Grab a book that lists the questions & answers and start memorising. Make sure that the book you are using covers all 14 topics of the test (alertness, awareness etc.).

Your driving theory test preparation should also include the hazard perception section. This involves watching video clips and clicking the screen whenever you see a developing hazard i.e. an emerging dangerous situation. Remember, a potential hazard, such as an adult walking on the pavement, does not require you to click the screen. Only when this turns into a developing hazard, such as if they start walking in the road, should you click.

3. Get Practicing
Once you think you’ve got a good knowledge & understanding of the questions, you should now start doing practice theory tests. Make sure you note down the questions that you get wrong and memorize them afterwards.
You can also get a friend or family member to test you on the questions and answers that you have learnt.

You can then do practice hazard perception tests, there’s plenty of free ones online. Keep going until you get a perfect score.

4. Take What you Need
The final point in these theory test tips is that all you need to take to your theory test is your provisional driving license card. If you don’t take it, you won’t be able to do your theory test and you will lose the money you spent on booking the test. So don’t forget it!

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