The following revision content contains some of the most difficult parts of the theory test, condensed into an easy to understand format.

Thing to Memorise
  • Stopping distances. Depending on how fast you’re driving, you will need to know the distance you will travel before you car stops. This is in metres and feet. The theory test often asks about this!
  • Speed limits. Learn the speed limits for different roads, including single carriageways, dual carriageways, motorways and built up areas.
  • Motorway stud colours. Learn which parts of the motorway are marked with coloured reflective studs.
Lights, Signs and Crossings
  • Road signs. Learn all of the road signs that you need to know, including motorway, roadworks, order and warning signs.
  • Emergency vehicle light colours. Emergency vehicles will display either an amber, blue or green flashing beacon. Learn which vehicles display which light.
  • Level crossing lights and signs. Level crossings are where a train may be passing on a railway. You will need to know all of the warning lights and symbols that indicate that a train is approaching.
  • Who has right of way? Many people get confused about who has priority during different situations, and it’s important to know this for the theory test.
  • Pedestrian crossings. You need to learn the rules for the 5 types of pedestrian crossings: Pelican, toucan, puffin, zebra and school crossings.
Other Theory Test Tips