We have produced a range of free theory test revision resources for you to use as preparation for your driving theory test. The revision materials cover difficult parts of the theory test that you need to learn, such as stopping distances, speed limits and more.

Theory Test Revision
  • Road signs – Learn all of the road signs that you need to know, including motorway, roadworks, order and warning signs.
  • Level crossing lights and signs – Level crossings are where a train may be passing on a railway, and you need to know all of the warning lights and symbols that indicate that a train is approaching.
  • Pedestrian crossings – You need to learn the rules for the 5 types of pedestrian crossings: Pelican, toucan, puffin, zebra and school crossings.
  • Speed limits – Learn the speed limits for different roads, including single carriageways, dual carriageways, motorways and built up areas.
  • Motorway stud colours – Learn which parts of the motorway are marked with coloured reflective studs.
  • Emergency vehicle light colours – Emergency vehicles will display either an amber, blue or green flashing beacon. Learn which vehicles display which light.
  • Stopping distances – Depending on how fast you’re driving, you will need to know the exact time distance you will travel before you car stops (in metres / feet).
  • How to pass the Hazard Perception test – Read about our hazard perception tips for 2018.
  • How to pass the theory test – Advice on the best ways to prepare for your theory test.
  • Theory test tips – Our top tips for passing your driving theory test first time.
  • Booking your Theory test – Learn how to book your Theory test and what to expect when you actually take your test.
How to use this revision as preparation

The best way to prepare for your theory test is to learn all of the revision content that is linked to on this page. Then, take our practice theory tests to test your knowledge.

Theory Test Basics

The car theory test is made up of two parts, the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. You must pass both of these to pass your theory test overall. The pass mark for the multiple choice exam is 43/50, and for the hazard perception it is 44/75. The theory test costs £23 to book, and you can take it as many times as you need until you pass.