So, the theory test is quickly creeping up and you’ve left it until the last minute to prepare. Well don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of theory test tips to help you pass your theory test first time.

1. Take What You Need

Once you’ve booked your theory test and you’re ready to go, there’s only one thing that you’ll need to take, and that’s your provisional driving license. If you don’t bring it with you, you won’t be able to take your test. So don’t forget it!

2. Learn the Questions & Answers

The first half of the theory test is the multiple choice section. This part has a set list of questions that can be asked, so the best way to prepare is to simply learn them. Make sure that you memorise the stopping distances too, as a lot of people get caught out on these.

As for the Hazard Perception section, get a good understanding of the developing hazards that you should be looking out for and how to react to them.

3. Practice

Now that you’ve learned the questions & answers, you can do online practice theory tests to make sure that you’ve learned them well.

In Hazard Perception section, there are tons of practice hazard perception tests that you can try online for free.

4. Learn the Road Signs

The road signs can make up a large portion of the multiple choice questions, so make sure you learn all of them off by heart.

5. Get Out on the Road

Taking a few trips in the car can actually help you a lot to get a better understanding of the highway code, especially if you’re with a knowledgeable driver. Use this time to improve your skills of spotting hazards and understanding road signs.

6. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You want to be fully focused during the theory test. Remember, passing the theory test will get you half of the way to getting your full driving license, so they don’t make it easy! It’s also important to not panic, and stay relaxed during the test – you’ll always have another chance if you fail.

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